If I liked Dead Island will I like this?

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  3. If I liked Dead Island will I like this?

User Info: HornedSpartan

4 years ago#1
They seem to be the same, instead of being on a island you are in Atlanta. Anybody who has PLAYED this please let me know.

User Info: sdn61387

4 years ago#2
Dead island destroys this in every way. In fact this could be one of the worse zombie games in creation

User Info: Henryjksl

4 years ago#3
I think the two games are nothing alike. Other than the zombies

Dead Island (IMO) is a melee focused Borderlands

This game has more in common with the Condemned series.

It's not open world and there is no leveling system.

User Info: HornedSpartan

4 years ago#4
Really, they seem the same. Im glad I asked. I guess I will pass on this, thanks for the heads up.

User Info: legionisvegas

4 years ago#5
I just bought the game today. Caught it on sale, it was just released and it's $30. i seriously hope it's not like Dead Island. To be honest I completely hated Dead Island so much. It was interesting at first but man did the gameplay just frustrate me.

User Info: shawnmck

4 years ago#6
This game is more stealth oriented.

Dead Island encourages you to kill as many zombies as possible, whereas this game kinda discourages it.
Also, guns just attract zombie's attention, and will actually cause more zombies to spawn in. So the game encourages you to play very stealthy and sneak around more often than not.

With that said, the game is fun, although it feels very rushed.
It has a lot of good ideas that just seem like they were never fully realized (undercooked & a bit raw).
As a result, the game feels too scripted & linear as a result.

It's not a bad game, and if you like zombie games then you should like it...but it doesn't have anywhere near the flexibility, variety, or replay that Dead Island has.
This game is also very short. You can beat it in like 5 or 6 hours.

I would have liked this game a lot more if the zombies didn't spawn so often while using guns.
I totally get that guns are loud and will draw attention...but when the game literally spawns groups of zombies from nowhere, then I take issue with it.
Way too often I would kill every zombie in an area (stealthily), but if I would fire a gun, then a horde would just appear out of thin air.
It totally sucks all the fun out of using the guns, because it feels like the game is punishing you from using them.
What is the point of having so many weapons if you are going to be punished for using them ?

Eventually you will get a crossbow for some silent kills...but sometimes I just wanted to cut loose with a shotgun or rifle, but stopped doing it because zombies would spawn all around me and I would die.
So I just stuck to the sneaking around and stealth kills, which made the game way too repetitive.
I can't stress how annoying it was to have the zombies spawn literally from nowhere every time you fire a gun.

There is also the occasional glitch, but Dead Island had those as well, and I never encountered a game-breaking bug or glitch in either game. Just the occasional graphical one.

But it's still fun, just nothing special.
This game is not worth anymore than $30 bucks, imho...unless you happen to be a huge zombie fan, or a huge fan of the Walking Dead tv series.
Gamestop is currently selling it for $40.

You could also youtube a video walkthrough and get a good idea of how the game is.

User Info: tzar_666

4 years ago#7
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User Info: Killallzombies

4 years ago#8
twd survival instinct has a load of potential it meets it in a few ways than one if you get it for £30 that is a good deal dead island is open world twd is not that is the difference

User Info: RyanJMcD

4 years ago#9
Spartan, I wouldn't pass on this one just yet. If you're a fan of Walking Dead, or stealth games, you'll probably like it.

Where in Dead Island you are a zombie wrecking mother****er, this game treats zombies like a real threat. If you get attacked by a horde, you're probably gonna die. There is a lot of tense creeping around in this game. Supplies are in short, er, supply. You gotta think about firing a gun, because that is a zombie dinner bell.

I enjoyed running around DI smashing zombies and building weapons, and I loved the Dead Rising games. This is different. It's slow and tension filled. Not game of the year material, but I'd give it a 6.5 or 7. I'd say it's worth 40 bucks. Get on Live and DL a demo.
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User Info: HornedSpartan

4 years ago#10
I must admit, I picked this game up monday and I LOVE it!!! One of the best zombie games I have ever played. Now the game isnt perfect but I love how the tension feels, I also love how they don't throw new enemys at you, they keep it close to the source material. I am very happy I bought this game.
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