Favorite Level of the game

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User Info: dudeitscool

4 years ago#1
In my opinion it's Danvers.
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User Info: ThisGuy101

4 years ago#2
Definitely the Hospital. That level was so tense.

User Info: durangodan

4 years ago#3
+1 for the hospital. Proper survival horror feel to it.

There was also a level in between map locations where I could look for supplies. In this case, there were no zombies. I could hear them off in the distance, but couldn't see any walking about, just loads dead on the ground. It was really spooky, as if maybe it was a glitch - but it wasn't - one or two eventually appeared.

Obviously it wasn't the best level in the game, but it was an abrupt change of pace that worked really well.
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User Info: Darque

4 years ago#4
Jill Valentine > You

User Info: hylianslayer

4 years ago#5
for scaring the crap out of me:hospital
for sweet payback:final level
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