Zero Punctuation Liked It! (Sort Of)

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User Info: vegeta40

4 years ago#1
My favorite quotes:

"There are enough interesting ideas behind this one to elevate it from the crowded little play pen where games like Resident Evil 6 sit around trying to light their own farts."

"I was more tense playing Survival Instinct then I have been playing most of your AAA ilk lately. Way more than when I was playing Dead Space 3....."

"Survival Instinct achieves tension through organic, unscripted gameplay."

Watch it here:

It is SO nice to see a see a somewhat positive review instead of the bile that has been coming from people who didn't get paid off enough coughIGNcough

The fact that it comes from the world's most pessimistic reviewer makes it even more impressive. No one sane will ever claim that Yahtzee was paid off. He still lays into it a fair bit, but he was clearly able to see past the flaws and enjoy the game, he says as much.

Thank you Yahtzee for showing some common sense where so many have failed.
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User Info: Darque

4 years ago#2
Hey, thanks for the link. =)
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User Info: vegeta40

4 years ago#3
No problem :)
R.I.P. T-Dog. Died like a hero, died like a boss.
Hollywood Undead Soldier. HU4L!!!

User Info: NightMare185

4 years ago#4
Its really not a bad game, but we can all agree that this game was too rushed and has not been explored to it's fullest potential. For the popular title of the T.V. show, this game could've been just as good as it's well known title. And don't get me started on the long load times. If there was anything horrible about the game, every load time gave me reason not to die in this game.
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User Info: shawnmck

4 years ago#5
^ Agree completely.
The game certainly does (did) have tremendous potential, as it has elements that are such great ideas...but the game is just poorly executed and feels very rushed.
One of my biggest complaints is that zombies spawn in way to often, especially when shooting a gun.
Now I get that guns are loud and they draw attention, and I really like the feature...but sometimes I feel like there are circumstances that would play well with using a gun, but the minute I do the game spawns in groups of zombies out of nowhere, which ultimately just discourages from using them.
I don't mind the stealth aspect, but I really hate the way the game discourages you from going outside of that.
I've cleared whole areas of all zombies (stealthily), but the minute I tried to use a gun (to have some fun), the games spawned a bunch of zombies right behind me and I died.
It just makes the game feel too forced.

But I think that this game could have been exceptional had the Developers been given more time to work things out.
I've read a few Reviews from official game sites that claim that the Devs were only given 8 to 10 months to make this game.
That is absurd, but explains a lot.
It's really saddens me to think how good this game could've been, but wasn't because of Activisions greed.
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