Question about final level: spoiler alert

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User Info: Mayday

4 years ago#1
So....can anyone say they've explored every inch of Friesign stadium? I was curious since there's so many tents and whatnot throughout the level. Obviously you won't find much use for whatever you find there since you can only use it in that level. I'd just like to know if I've missed anything. Thanks.
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User Info: NightMare185

4 years ago#2
There's nothing relatively important or even that strikes curiousity. Just some ammo and I think you'll find a pistol as well. By the time you get to that area, you'll have all the ammo and weapons you'll need to fight off the final horde. It is a great area to fight the infinite swarms that keep coming though.
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User Info: shawnmck

4 years ago#3
I've gone around trying to explore every tent...and all I ever found was some ammo for the assault rifle, an MRE, some grenades, and some flares.

All useful items, but ultimately pointless given the circumstances.
It would just be easier to make a bee-line straight for the heli-pad and end the level, then to roam and explore all the tents, most of which have absolutely nothing in...just some ammo and other useless items in a few of them.
I actually ended up wasting more supplies (MRE's & ammo) exploring the tents then what I recovered from all of them combined.
It's jut not worth it, imho.
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  3. Question about final level: spoiler alert

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