I really wish I could store items.

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  3. I really wish I could store items.

User Info: RyanJMcD

4 years ago#1
I got to my 2nd city (pemberton) and set out with just a knife, pistol, pipe and ammo. I've been finding goodies...too many goodies. I can't carry them all. The frickin truck is sitting right there, why can't I throw the extra stuff in the back?

Side rant: Why can't I take the two survivors I found in the starting city in the truck? I can't fit both of them back there?
Jesus Christ! what the ****'s blown up now?
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User Info: bleeding_violet

4 years ago#3
Yeah it is true that it would have made the games achievements easier to get without having to play through the game so many times. But for me its okay, I love the game but the extra achievements give me extra incentive to play it more times through.

Not that I need any more reasons because I believe for me this is just one of the most fun games that just really came together for me. I 've already got most of the achievements but this is one of those games that I want to get all 1000 points. Mostly because I love this game but also because they are fun to get.

I think if there were more spaces in the truck or other vehicles it would have been more fun but those achievements would have been way too easy to get.

And yeah I got kind of ticked off about space management issues but as it turns out some weapons are way more fun than others. The reinforced machete that I got with the Amazon dlc preorder is just an awesome weapon. It helped me get my limb lopping achievement :)
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  3. I really wish I could store items.

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