Dude 3 achievements...

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User Info: legionisvegas

4 years ago#1
Completed a Marked Destination :

Only the Crossbow
Without Killing a Walker
without Taking Any Damage

WTH! Do relics make these not activate? Because I've done these but I don't get why the achievements aren't unlocking...

Any tips. It's possible I'm missing something insignificant about the achievement or are they glitched?

User Info: Sasuke_1998

4 years ago#2
Executions and Grapple count against the crossbow one. On the first level just kill everything with the crossbow and DON'T kill any in the creek bed. And start again and sprint through the first level for the no damage/no kill ones.
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User Info: Darque

4 years ago#3
Did you get grabbed and do a knife-kill to escape?

That's the only thing I can think of for the crossbow one.

As for the other two? No idea, those are easy to unlock.

If you're really having trouble, start a new game - die in the "prologue" and then just shove and run to the truck. It's actually rather easy.
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User Info: fceurich

4 years ago#4
crossbow I did the Sedalia map just ignore getting batteries in the police station if u get grapped push away
same goes for the no damage remember it doesn't work if u just restart the level this one was tough for me

User Info: legionisvegas

4 years ago#5
^^Okay that explains a lot. It doesn't work if I restart the level you say?

Okay because that's what I've been doing. So, I'll get grappled then just instantly restart the level.

Also, I swear to it that I've done the entire first level without killing a walker and the achievement doesn't pop. Maybe I made a mistake somewhere along the way. I'll give it all a try right now.

These achievements are kind of tough... I like the game because of that.

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