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User Info: Mayday

4 years ago#1
Does anyone else think the new weapons are as weak as I do? I'm a big supporter of this game as I've had a blast with it since day one, but I feel like they phoned this weapon pack in for sure. possible spoilers ahead.....

The similarities between the weapons is evident and only one of them provides heavy damage, although I did enjoy watching a zombies head come falling down to the ground after it had flown into the air for a few actually landed in front of me after I had started walking away from the zombie's corpse. Anyway....I'll still take the fire axe or sledgehammer over any of these new weapons. Just my opinion....not looking to start a holy war. Thanks.
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User Info: bleeding_violet

4 years ago#2
For me I love that Machete I don't remember what its called, its the quickest heavy weapon and you can find literally, and also with it you do NOT have to hold the attack button to lop off a zombies head.

Other than sneaking up on a zombie with a knife and long distance crossbow kills, and wiping out an entire scenario of zombies with the automatic machine gun. This is the most effective weapon in the game. The lead pipe still works in the same way but I just feel like the Machete has a huge advantage over all the melee weapons with its speed and effectiveness.

Other than that you are right the other weapons aren't very effective and you can find weapons just as effective anywhere in the game. My preorder came with this weapon bundle and I just love that One heavy Machete. Its worth it for the whole bundle for me. I can go toe to toe with groups of walkers with just this weapon with proper spacing and shoves if need be and wiyth the lead pipe I cannot.

That being said do not buy this pack if you feel like one great weapon is not worth it. Its three dollars and the other weapons look kind of cool but they also feel repeated in a way. If you want one really strong weapon and four fun weapons that are very similar to what you already have. Get it, but remember you get no more than what we have said here. That Machete is very impressive I literally used it to get one of weirdest achievements (spoiler alert) where you relieve 5 zombies of all four limbs. And I don't think I could have gotten it with any of the other weapons in the game other than a high powered machine gun MAYBE. But I did try it with a gun before that and couldn't get it so ...... IDK. And also when you remove both arms from a zombie after it is grounded from the loss of its first leg, the zombie is already dead even though it still has its head and one leg you still have to chop the other leg off before it dissappears. Not the easiest achievement to get but it was fun with the machete.

I like both DLC packs alot and if I didn't have them I would want them both. But as I have stated here before I love this game and want everything so maybe I'm not really partial enough to help anyone who doesn't have it to make this decision..

User Info: Henryjksl

4 years ago#3
I think they should have put 1 super weapon in that pack. Something that is quick and does a lot of damage. Maybe a katana or something. I agree with you completely, even after I got the pack I still ended up using the sledge hammer.

User Info: David_Mills7

4 years ago#4
Michonne's Katana would be sweet.

On the plus side, to anyone who couldnt find a Machete, the advanced machete will complete the achievement for you. "That's a nice swing you've got". I couldnt find a machete anywhere.

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