Is there a level/chapter select ?

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  3. Is there a level/chapter select ?

User Info: E99E

4 years ago#1
Can you replay levels/chapters ?

Or is it just new game and continue...

Cany you save your progress with multiple save games ?


User Info: Henryjksl

4 years ago#2
No chapter/level select or multiple saves. There is only new game and continue.

User Info: bleeding_violet

4 years ago#3
I wish they had a chapter select or a couple of save slots. I guess the only redeeming factor about not having these things is that ALL of the accumulative achievements carry over across your multiple times playing the game.

And I like the game so I will still have to figure out where the last survivors are and have my car breakdown a few more times and I know there is another one but I cannot remember what it is lol.

Maybe the people who made the game knew that IF you really wanted to you could probably beat the game in a couple of hours anyways once you knew where all the zombies were and cutscenes to keep you out of trouble as well. So its not too big of a deal too make some of the achievements a little harder to get just to give you a reason to play it some more.
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  2. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
  3. Is there a level/chapter select ?

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