Jupiter's Luck?

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User Info: Elprede007

4 years ago#1
What does it do?
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User Info: dejavu1982

4 years ago#2
makes you alot harder to execute

User Info: mrhutch82se

4 years ago#3
read other posts
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User Info: Kazadora2099

4 years ago#4
+40 Rating to the Gladiator you equip it to. I've gotten it 3 times and confirmed that's all it does. Some people have said it increases other stats but after having it on 3 fighters, it's the same.

User Info: 12limp

4 years ago#5
dejavu1982 posted...
makes you alot harder to execute


I think this is an assumption

User Info: TheLover21

4 years ago#6
I can 100% guarantee without a shadow of a doubt that it ups your rating by 40. Not five minutes ago I put it on one of my Gladiators and I went from 137 to 177. The being harder to execute, I think it is just a rumor.

User Info: Viper187666

4 years ago#7
Yeah, I think it's literally meant to make things harder. Making your rating higher throws higher rating CPU opponents at you. Hence, "The wrath of the gods knows no end."

User Info: Shawdawg28

4 years ago#8
But Higher Ratings equal higher awards too, I believe.
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User Info: HippoZoned

4 years ago#9
I noticed it does add a boost to rating but it enemies you fight also will have Jupiters luck.. some if they didn't have to their rating would not be higher than mine, for instance my last opponent had 2 jupiters luck

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