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User Info: MikePaw1

4 years ago#1
I just received some perks last night that I have never seen. Shroud of the Fallen I, II, & III

They give you: increase Health, Defense, and Damage 5/10/15% respectively.

I also got an unnamed perk that states: +10% damage for 6 seconds after a taunt.
No icon, however, shows up after I taunt, so I do not know if it is working. There is another unnamed one I saw that gives you defense after a taunt.

I am level 35 with over 250 online kills and many more AI kills...never saw these. Anyone else? Are there more that I have not seen yet?

User Info: Quinten15

4 years ago#2
They are running a promotion until 4 August called Market Mayhem. The 3 new Shroud of the Fallen perks can all be stacked on the SAME gladiator if you manage to find all 3. There are other new perks added as well. Some of them were named in the OP. Also today the servers are getting patched. They have finally fixed the Disconnection penalty!!! Time to KILL!!

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User Info: MikePaw1

4 years ago#3
Love that they chose to patch it during promo. "Here's a promo! wait 12 hours".

But good perks/patch. Baby steps.

User Info: MikePaw1

4 years ago#4
Double fame is a joke in market. Still get more in arena & easier to kill for perk. Lame.

User Info: Blackquiver

4 years ago#5
Just found a new perk called Cocky

+30% Critical Hit change for 6 seconds after performing a Taunt

User Info: Blackquiver

4 years ago#6
Also found another unnamed perk.

+1% every second Health while Taunting.

I'm assuming they mean +1% health every second

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