Poor demo

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User Info: ron_aldo

4 years ago#1
With no explanations for the gameplay mechanics I found it hard to understand a lot of things. Stars or Toolkit??? What does the hidden key unlock? Racing is rather dull - apart from the powerups there is little to do.

User Info: ex-s_temjin

4 years ago#2
Stars & Toolkits= purely cosmetic effects. They're those color glows when you boost.
Hidden keys unlock shortcuts.

Boost Start= step on gas pedal the moment the lights go green.
Boost jump= tap gas pedal the moment you land after jump.
KERS boost= on the blue/white starry parts of the track, hold down the gas to accumulate boost. Let go of gas after the first block is charged and repeat for the 2nd and 3rd blocks to get maximum charge.

User Info: MashYouGood

4 years ago#3
The game is far too simplistic. I haven't tried all difficulties and variations (it might play better with more laps and only selected weapons), but the game seems easy, even compared to MK Wii.

O how I miss the Super MK / Diddy Kong Racing days...

User Info: ex-s_temjin

4 years ago#4
Try getting 1st in the "Pure racing" challenge. No power-ups with fragile cars= hair-ripping action.

User Info: TheAdiposeTV

4 years ago#5
I actually really liked the demo. I felt it set itself apart from the other karting games by going somewhere between a normal racing game and a full on arcade experience.

I made a vid showing the demo level short cuts and some of the gameplay features if anyone is interested


User Info: Jkool

4 years ago#6
Great Video!
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User Info: TomySakazaki

4 years ago#7
There is one thing that I don't know if it's possible on this game, to do sharp corners, seriously there are some races that I lost only because I couldn't do the corners properly, and don't say that F1 Cars can't do powerslides, Ayrton Senna did a lot of them while alive (even though the F1 cars at that time didn't had the same amount of grip of nowadays cars).

User Info: ex-s_temjin

4 years ago#8
I don't think it's possible without slowing down. Which is one of the reasons i think the AI is cheating at the beginning of the Belgium track right after the 1st KERS corner; they could all boost perfectly into the shortcut while I helplessly slam into the wall thanks to the lv3 KERS boost.

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