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User Info: d_parker

4 years ago#1
Anyone buy the Europe track for $4.99 and what do you think of it?

Seems a bit pricey for one extra track that should have come with all versions of the game.

User Info: bbc13

4 years ago#2
I got it simply because I really enjoy this game and just need more tracks for it and hopefully the Europe track is only the first of many more DLC tracks to come out, but I like it, the length of the track is just right and iit gos well with the other tracks in the game, I would like to see a China track with the great wall of china, as well as a north pole track with santas workshop which would kinda be a fantasy track but would fit well in this game and I hope they do make something like that for the holidays.

PSN: bigbadchad13

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