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User Info: jappleby

4 years ago#1
Free on playstation plus and only a 1gb download. Definitely worth signing up to plus just for this game and sleeping dogs is free this month too. But anyway F1 has received bad reviews but it is fun and quite unique and it's free so what have you got to lose. I mean it is free in australia so not sure about other parts of the world. Anyway my point is give it a go. I'm enjoying it.
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User Info: nordwest

4 years ago#2
^ Now free on PS+ in UK too. Coming from MNR and LBPK, it is quite fun and certainly worth the quick download (though I so far keep trying to spin, drift and boost like those other kart racers... oops)

User Info: chrishanner

4 years ago#3
I'm mostly liking it so far, got a bit frustrated with it a few times though!

Feel free to add me if you want to get the beat a friends time trial trophy, none of my friends are playing it. PSN is Chrishanner. I've only beaten one so far, so I could set a low time, you beat it with a slightly faster time, then I beat that,
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User Info: king_eric

4 years ago#4
worst karting game in a long time....even free feels like i've been ripped off.
ai cheats like mad........luck based wins.....poor and leaderboards don't work ............the list goes on and on.

2 out 10

rather play namco's pole position from early 80's than this tripe.

User Info: gm914

4 years ago#5
Got a couple of free EU + codes (one month each) so I figured I'd give it a shot.
Absolute shovelware. How was this not a $10 PSN game to start with? I feel bad for whoever paid full price on this.
SH_NANIG_NS! Just add EA.
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