chidori or rasengan?

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User Info: DiogoShadowJorg

5 years ago#31
Massive Rasengan Barrage and Mini-Rasenshuriken beats any Chidori that Sasuke has now.
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User Info: Kooljay95

5 years ago#32
NoLimitWinMugen posted...
chidori, i mean who doesn't like lightning style jutsu

User Info: JRCxyz

5 years ago#33
Chidori of course. Dem birds sounds O:
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User Info: coonslova

5 years ago#34
DrakoVongola1 posted...
coonslova posted...
DrakoVongola1 posted...
They both suck unless you can move faster than the time takes your opponent to see you and throw a kunai/shuriken/fireball at your face, but if I must choose then chidori because it looks cooler and it can kill stuff easier.

if you are talking about kid Kakashi's chidori then ok but if not then what you say makes no sense because they are not stuck in a straight line when doing chidori/rasengan if a kunI,shuriken is thrown they can dodge and still have the jutsu active

That would imply that you could see. Unless the Chidori comes with a free Sharingan, once you use Chidori you're basically blind because of how fast you're moving.

not true cause i have seen Sasuke and Kakashi do it without sharingan active sharingan helps you speed up the training a bit but you can still do it without sharingan and still be able to dodge
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User Info: MetalSonicSword

5 years ago#35
screw all these techniques, bijuu bomb
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