Name A Flaw Day 28: Naruto Uzumaki

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User Info: Azure_Absol

5 years ago#1
Hello everyone and welcome to Name a Flaw!

You name the one biggest problem you have with the topic's titular character. Don't name two things about them, not three, just one. Preferably your biggest issue with them, or whichever one you feel it necessary to point out. Whichever flaw is mentioned the most wins and will be mentioned during tomorrow's topic.

Day 18 - Gaara - He lost Shukaku
Day 19 - Konan - Piercings
Day 20 - Kisame Hoshigaki - Samehada betrayed him.
Day 21 - Hanabi Hyuga - She hasn't appeared once in Shippuden
Day 22 - Itachi Uchiha - Died
Day 23 - Ayame - She knows who the masked man is and won't tell <_<
Day 24 - Neji Hyuga - He was born on the wrong side of the branch.
Day 25 - Fuu (Jinchuriki) - She wears a skirt thats to high
Day 26 - Minato Namikaze - Overrated
Day 27 - Kurotsuchi - Isn't her manga version in the game/Masculine
Day 28 - Naruto Uzumaki -
Day 29 - Anko Mitarashi
Day 30 - Kakashi
Day 31 - Tsunade
Day 32 - Kiba
Day 33 - Yugito Nii - The start of Kumogakure week
Day 34 - Omoi -
Day 35 - Mabui -
Day 36 - Killer Bee -
Day 37 - Karui
Day 38 - A
Day 39 - Samui - Final day of Kumogkure week
Day 40 - Hidan
Day 41 - Kushina Uzumaki

After all that it ends in a tie of 8 and 8. Oh my Gardenia.

You can nominate someone for a future day by posting their name along with a flaw.
You guys know who Naruto is so I don't need to say anything.As far a a flaw goes:
He hasn't acknowledge Hinata's confession. Let day 28 begin.

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User Info: NoLimitWinMugen

5 years ago#2
keeps chasing Sasuke.
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User Info: Lockon

5 years ago#3
He's doesn't notice Hinatas boobs.
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User Info: MrcTOtheJ

5 years ago#4
Uses two technuiqes pretty much exclusively the whole series, Clones, and Rasengan.
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User Info: chaoslink87

5 years ago#5
Hasnt piped Hinata yet!!!!!!

I mean wtf he waiting for??? Her to guide him there???
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User Info: Magic_warlock90

5 years ago#6
Too reckless in battle.
Gee, let me think about it. Yeah, I think we have time to find his lost jewelry. Hell, we could find him some matching earrings.
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User Info: King_Janaff

5 years ago#7
Lock0n_ScOpeZ posted...
He's doesn't notice Hinatas boobs.
"You should give up...on me giving up!" - Uzumaki Naruto.
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User Info: RekoisCool

5 years ago#8
NoLimitWinMugen posted...
keeps chasing Sasuke.

The one-sided "bromance" is ridiculous.

User Info: Epicness2012

5 years ago#9
Hasn't pimped Ino, Tenten, and Hinata yet.
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User Info: cuttin_in_town

5 years ago#10
Azure_Absol posted...
Day 27 - Kurotsuchi - Isn't her manga version in the game/Masculine

Damnit... :l

Agree with *chases Sasuke too much*

Sauce wasn't even his first friend... Iruka, Kiba, Choji, and Shikamaru were cool with him too, so it's not like he was his only friend :/
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