happening next (spoilers i guess)

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  3. happening next (spoilers i guess)

User Info: GzNiCc

5 years ago#1
"What do yall think is going to happen next?" is all im asking lol like is so ready for this game and hype lol and where do yall think the game will stop at? lol i think its going to stop and when my boy madara smashes down next too obito lol
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User Info: Artisto16

5 years ago#2
The slug will gather the kages and Tsunade will heal them just enough so that they won't die, but she will die (but the slug will manage to reattach her torso to her waist to keep the gore level down).

Kakashi and Gai will continue to fight Obito while Obito's backstory is updated.

(and now for my completely unlikely ending)

Madara will capture that Naruto clone, and maybe Killer Bee, and will have enough of the 8 and 9 tails to finish the Moon's Eye plan. He will succeed and the whole world will be under a genjutsu, except for Naruto and Bee since their bijuu can break them out of it, oh and Sasuke and Obito since they have the Sharingan and can use genjutsu as well (sorry but Kakashi is too weak to break this genjutsu).

Now Naruto and Bee live life on the run surrounded by mindless people. Sasuke is pissed because he didn't get his revenge on life and decides that he'll go against Madara because life is now boring, and he doesn't want to serve someone, so he joins Naruto. Obito realizes that Madara's plan sucks because the meaningless reality didn't work on him and he gets pissed at Madara and starts to remember the value of life. So then Obito and Sasuke teach Naruto about time-space jutsu so that he can find a way into the death god's realm so that he can absorb the other half of the fox and become more powerful, and he can also learn from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th hokage.

Time Skip, followed by a new Naruto Series. Oh, and I forgot to mention that immediately after the Moon's Eye plan goes into effect, Obito takes his eye back from Kakashi.
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  3. happening next (spoilers i guess)

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