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Guren for Storm 3............ (2nd Arc)

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User Info: EonmasterX_Jwin

5 years ago#1
...Guren.... - Results (390 votes)
She will make it in Storm 3 easy.
6.41% (25 votes)
She will barely make it.
3.33% (13 votes)
She will make it in as DLC.
5.64% (22 votes)
She will not make it in Storm 3 but maybe in Gen 2 or another future title.
15.38% (60 votes)
She will NEVER make it in ANY Storm game.
48.21% (188 votes)
12.31% (48 votes)
8.72% (34 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Guren's moveset....

Combo startup: She starts off with her crystal blades ( spawned on both arms & does some cool slashes that go on for about 5 hits before she goes on to her other combos.

Neutral O: She does two more slashes with her blade & then removes the blade & spawns her crystal armor ( over her arms & begins to do two punches, then slams the enemy into the ground with the third punch (it's an unreboundable ground punch for ougi cancel) & then a cutscene appears & she punches the bounced foe so hard the crystal armor on her arm shatters & the foe is sent flying like Sakura's side combo.

Up O: She does 6 more slashes that involve flipping & then she releases her blades & does a handsign & uses Growing Crystal Thorn ( & does 8 hits of damage while it grows upwards & then on the last hit it shatters & the opponent is sent spiraling up.

Side O: She does Jade Crystal Encampment ( to hold the foe in place (when in that crysyal the foe is stunned like when Gaara does neutral O so the foe can't sub & Guren can do ougi, jutsu, grab, tilt or whatever, & the trap lasts exactly as long as Gaara's does)

& she then immediately uses her Jade Crystal Mirror ( to summon her crystal clones ( & three clones come out one at a time & slash the opponent one time each before shattering & after the last clone hits the foe up & shatters a cutscreen occurs & Guren takes the Mirror & uses Giant Hexagonal Shuriken ( by hurling the Mirror at the foe as it spins at extreme speeds (Skip to 0:33 to see it: The foe is sent flying away after the giant shuriken does 6 hits of damage, the shuriken then shatters.

Down O: She does three cool slashes, jumps back & does her small Hexagon Shuriken ( which shoots several shuriken at the foe & then uses Crystal Needle ( to drop needles on the foe to hold them in place (you can't chain it like Gaara's neutral O, this is like Haku's side O ice trap move where Haku is unable to do anything except continue the combo after the foe is held down by the needles),

then Guren jumps in the air & does Crystal Lance ( & does this EXACT cutscene: skip to 1:41 ( except the part where 3 tails roars & destroys her lance, she hits the foe & the lance shatters. Chakra orbs fly out the foe from hitting the ground.

Air combo: She does 6 slashes with her blade & the last 7th hit slashes the foe to the ground.

Tilt: She does The God's Crossing ( If you want to know what to compare it to, think of Yamato's tilt, but its no two parts. For her it's a one part tilt, but it comes out just as fast as his.

It does many hits as it rises from the ground & the last hit is a knockback. Skip to 0:22 to see it: ( It'll be on a smaller scale obviously...

User Info: EonmasterX_Jwin

5 years ago#2
Jutsu: She uses Tearing Crystal Falling Dragon ( She does not ride it like in the pic, it works exactly like Suigetsu's dragon but it can also hit you if you touch the dragon's body.

The trade off it that it has less curve than Suigetsu's but it moves just as fast. If the body is touched you don't take the full damage but it will still cause you to get knocked back. Also if the head hits the foe the dragon doesn't just explode like Suigetsu or Zabuza's. It will do seven hits worth of damage as the entire dragon flies into the foe.The dragon will shatter bit by bit as it flies into them before completely shattering on the last hit.

Throw: Crystal Shuriken

Chakra throw: Smaller scale Crystal Needle similar to Haku's awakened chakra throw (cuttin gave me that idea a long time ago, thx)

Grab: Guren does a simple swift grab (like Kakashi or pts Sasuke) & turns the foe around & embraces the foe & closes her eyes saying "This will be the end..." while crystalizing both her & the foe.

Then the real Guren walks up & says "For you..." & does a one hand seal & the crystal shatters & the foe is shown lying on the ground & chakra orbs fly out of the grounded foe. Here is a scene example: Skip to 1:38:

Awakening: Pressure Points of Harm and Death ( Yeah that's right! Guren can open the gates! Tremble! Anyway... This is a generic awakening (you know other than her eyes staying white) that she has to wait to be weak to activate & she gets Shuriken Wild Dance ( as her R1/L1 awakening move (Skip to 1:36 to see: but again, on a smaller scale. Also the shuriken spinning around her will hit the foe if they are too close to her when she does the move.

After the barage of shurikens the foe falls on the ground (like how they fall after Konan's grab). Her generic jutsu also changes to String of Glory ( The move costs as much chakra as Amateratsu costs for Taka Sasuke or Itachi to use. It shoot a beam straight through the field at unreal speeds. She has a 2 sec start up & is invincible while doing it bc she's inside the crystal thingy.

Her move takes priority over every jutsu except for amateratsu & almighty push. & while inside the crystal thing close up jutsu's clash with her (you know, as in both her & the opponent bounce back off each other) & distance jutsu's have no effect (ex: fireballs, danzo wind, shikigami dance, etc). But the move is very linear & leaves her open for about 3 seconds after use.

So it's not hard to dodge if you know the foe will use it. Also when she is awakened her chakra dash goes from a generic dash to Crystal Wheel ( Here is a clip of it, skip to 2:00: It's also used in her chakra back dash & makes her go as fast as 6 tail Naruto's C. Dash.

She also does it in every other Ninja Move & it makes her go incredibly fast (like KCM Naruto's running animation Ninja Move, not like Gai or Raikage's awakened Ninja Move). Crystal Wheel gives her immunnity to distance jutsu's but when she blocks a jutsu like that it makes her waste the amount of chakra a jutsu like Taka Sasuke's Amateratsu costs, so it can backfire in the wrong situation...

Crystal Wheel doesn't save her from close up jutsu's though... & this only applies to the C Dash version of the move. The NMC version is just for visual entertainment (& a speed boost obviously).

User Info: EonmasterX_Jwin

5 years ago#3
Ougi: She starts by using Crystal Imprisonment Wave ( Here is the animation of it, skip to 2:00 If the wave hits the ougi starts foe is shown crystalized. She then does hand seals & uses a smaller version (about half that size, but even at half size its still pretty big) of Jade Crystal Labyrinth ( & then immediately does more hand signs like this, skip to 0:50, (the veiny eyes close up is even shown during this part of the ougi bc i love that a non sharingan/rinnegan will be getting an upclose eye shot) & uses, not the move shown in the video but this move, Jade Crystal Hexagonal Pillars (, to surround the Labyrinth move with 5 pillars.

She then goes into Pressure Points of Harm & Death mode & floats in the air above the Labryinth & Pillars & forms her String of Glory technique & shoots a beam at one of the tips of the pillars. Then the beam spreads to all the pillars tips & the pillars then shoot the beams from the tips to the Labyrinth & the Labyrinth then glows white & the screen shows the inside of the Labyrinth, where the foe is still crystalised from the earlier Crystal Wave,

& then thousands of beams of light are then concentrated on the foe (from the reflective nature of the Labyrinth) from the initial five beams that were shot at the Labyrinth from Pillars & the Labyrinth explodes & destroys the five pillars in the explosion & Guren falls to the ground & slowly gets up while breathing heavily from over exerting herself.

Special End.

Her guard animation in a VERY small scale version of Crystal Encampment Wall ( It has none of the powers described in the link, it's just a guard. Like how Sasuke's Susano ribs or Gaara sand is just a guard. It's solely visual.

User Info: Goten55

5 years ago#4
Here we go again.

Guess I'm going back to Baka and Test for this one.

Shouko Kirishima: The girlfriend everyone wishes thy had.

Panty ( -1000 out of 10) and Hideyoshi (0 out of 10) were his lowest but Shouko should at least get a 5 or higher.
Also, this means Traps>Slutty Angels
Inaba Himeko and Iori Nagase month until...?

User Info: KizaruOfLight

5 years ago#5
With all the possibilities she has for a moveset, and the one you just gave us, she'd be the easiest character to put in the game. If only she were canon. She'd be in hella quick.
"The life of an assassin is pain, Jun. You suffer it, you inflict it, you watch it happen, in the hope that you can help it disappear in time." - Ezio

User Info: EonmasterX_Jwin

5 years ago#6
Goten55 posted...
Here we go again.

Guess I'm going back to Baka and Test for this one.

Shouko Kirishima: The girlfriend everyone wishes thy had.

Panty ( -1000 out of 10) and Hideyoshi (0 out of 10) were his lowest but Shouko should at least get a 5 or higher.
Also, this means Traps>Slutty Angels

Meh, i dislike unhealthily over protective women. That said, her personality type seems ideal for a wife but the over protectiveness is what destroys her. No matter how funny it is (& it can get quite funny in the right situation) it only shows a lack of trust.

I personally wouldn't want to have a future wife punch me bc an attractive woman (that i hadn't even seen yet) walked into a supermarket & then proceed to beat me bc said woman said hello to me with out me even instigating a conversation.

So for her personality i give her 6 out of 10.

Factor in her over protectiveness & she gets a 2 out of 10.

So i'll meet her in the middle with a final verdict of 4 out of 10.

User Info: Goten55

5 years ago#7
4? Oh well, your reasons are justified. While I'm looking for someone else please enjoy these pics of Sakuya and Rikka
Inaba Himeko and Iori Nagase month until...?

User Info: EonmasterX_Jwin

5 years ago#8
Goten55 posted...
4? Oh well, your reasons are justified. While I'm looking for someone else please enjoy these pics of Sakuya and Rikka

First pic cool...

Second pic..........

User Info: SHAQZZ

5 years ago#9
Techincally Guren can't ever be in a game, because she simple doesn't exist in the Naruto world. Naruto doesn't know who she is, nor does Orochimaru or Kabuto. She is not real if you can put it like that.
Fairy Tail, Naruto, Dragonball (Z,GT), Bleach & One piece. Best animes ever! Ore no Itami wa...OMAE IJOU DA!!!!!!!!

User Info: PhantomLaser

5 years ago#10
No one shall defeat the PhantomLaser
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