New Scan! Jinchuriki, Tailed Beasts Confirmed!!

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User Info: King_Janaff

4 years ago#41
heyitsthatguy11 posted...
Y'know what... I'm not even going to get hyped for this, because CC2 LOVES to piss us off... They go "Here's your cake... but the only way you're eating it is if you sprinkle this entire godamned jar of salt on it". Case-in-point: Costumes, but have some ring out with that.

But we don't know if every stage will have the ring-out feature. If there are a few stages without it or an option to turn it off then it shouldn't be that big of a deal.
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User Info: grimjow77

4 years ago#42
wow didn't expect them playable.
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User Info: Rikudo-Pein

4 years ago#43
Finally, NEW news. Not that surprising TBH, but I'm glad they're all in.
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User Info: DiZ0X

4 years ago#44
Of course they're playable... Why would they be fighting eachother in story mode?

And if they were giant boss battles, they wouldn't have chakra bars.

User Info: Mystickay86

4 years ago#45
Great news! Wasn't expecting them to be playable seperately. I thought it'd be Tobi (Pain moveset type) character. I want to play as the 6 tails! Bubble power!
Official Gai of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations board

User Info: MetalSonicSword

4 years ago#46
wonder what the beasts will fight like

hell, I wonder how Fuu's going to fight with no offensive jutsu
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User Info: TheAlphaItachi

4 years ago#47
thats another thing , how are ALL of them all of a sudden playable when only two are shown in the story mode battle .

the upper part of the scan is just showing a group theme .
you already know 9 tails and shukaku aren't gonna be awakenings or playable right of the bat.
and like i said if the jinchuriki were playable , why would CC2 deliberately go out of their way to exclude showing the human forms fighting ?

but im gonna laugh like i did last year
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User Info: GoldLiger

4 years ago#48
What I want to know if Tailed Beast mode Naruto is like the rest of the Jinchuuriki or his chapter 571 chakra Kurama version. I hope it's the latter.

User Info: ShadowSliph

4 years ago#49
In regards to what TheAlphaItachi said...why would they show all the Jinchuuriki together and the 3 and 4 tails playable unless they were all playable?

User Info: XxNathan13Xx

4 years ago#50
So, this confirmed all the Jincuriki, Madara, and Rinnegan Tobi. It also confirms that the story is going to up to the Rinnegan Tobi fight.
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