NARUTO 614 is OUT!!!

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User Info: sandbugs

4 years ago#21
They need Gaara for this defensive things, i dont care other ppl dead but not konoha 12 and sand sibling, cause we've been with them for so long, but what can we do, its WAR :-(

User Info: HeartoftheForce

4 years ago#22
I'm betting Hiashi is going to use some secret Hyuga clan technique to give his own life for Neji.

Neji literally just said...

"Shikamaru's and Ino's father both knew that giving their lives before their children do is the responsibility of us as a shinobi."

The only question is...does Kishi think this applies to uncles?
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User Info: Kfresh08

4 years ago#23
Kishi need to chill to be honest.

User Info: CornerCheck

4 years ago#24
Cool... another death! Now if only Neji would've had a meaningful role in Shippuden, his death might have had more of an impact.

User Info: technogeek29

4 years ago#25
CornerCheck posted...
Cool... another death! Now if only Neji would've had a meaningful role in Shippuden, his death might have had more of an impact.

Hey im just glad someone of the main cast got a spotlight however short it was in this manga.
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User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#26
Nooo!!! Why did my favorite character had to die! ;_; Kishimoto... why?!

LandscapeManX posted...
So is kishi hinting towards NarutoxHinata?

"Hinata-sama is... willing to die for you, naruto
So keep in mind... that your life... is not... your own... anymore..."

I hope so. That is my favorite Naruto fan couple after all.
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User Info: ArrancarMadara

4 years ago#27
Tsunade Will Revive Everyone at some Point. Or Obito will use Rinee Tensei to Revive everyone after Naruto Talk No Jutsus him.

And I'm glad Kishi is going with NaruxHina. I hate the idea of Naruto ending up with Sakura. She doesnt even like him like that.

If she wants a man who beats her let her have him. (...sasuke)

It sucks that Neji didnt pull off his own new awesome Jutsu when he went out.

But damn dat wood....killin everybody. And Juubi is gonna transform yet again.

And Obito just told Madara "You need my life so your my *****" - The start of Obito feeling Narutos Talk no Jutsu.

I expect to see more die than just Neji if he is dead for good. But like I said if a lot of main ppl end up dying. Kishi WILL bring them back somehow.

But at least you guys cant be mad about Nejis moveset in Storm 3 since it will be up to date xD
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User Info: EonmasterX_Jwin

4 years ago#28
Neji needed one more epic move for his moveset before he died. As it is now, i'm not so mad that he died, i'm more upset he died without doing some OP move that show the Byakugan can actually not be a pocket knife compared to the sharingan being a nuclear bomb...

User Info: Goten55

4 years ago#29
If this leads to Hanabi coming back I will go ape ****.
Shinka Nibutani month!

User Info: EonmasterX_Jwin

4 years ago#30
Goten55 posted...
If this leads to Hanabi coming back I will go ape ****.

& with that thought, i suddenly am completely over Neji's death...

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