Do you prefer ENG or JPN voices when you play?

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  3. Do you prefer ENG or JPN voices when you play?

User Info: Ice_Beam_

5 years ago#71
Even though I watch most animes in japanese I grew up with english voices with naruto, so I like the english more :)

I mean there are famous voice actors there like yuri lowenthal he's like the one you shouldn't miss, then to my surprise I knew it that the voice actress from karen uzumaki is ali hillis (the voice of lighting in ff 13)

it's awesomesauce :D

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User Info: largerock

5 years ago#72
Kakashi4LIFE posted...
First thing I do when I get a Storm game is go to options and make sure it's Japanese with English subtitles.
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User Info: cuttin_in_town

5 years ago#73
LeftoverLotion posted...

Are you gonna use this account, ©uttin' Headz? ->

Or was this one of those "Make an account just to say some fake stuff and then never use it again" kinda things?

Nah, that's a one time account. Didn't have an account to post on the vid...

Gonna use "kuroTEMARl" for my Naruto related stuff. Or, game related stuff, rather. And yes, that "i" is an "L" >_>

I already have the account. And my recording device is already here. First few uploads just to test the waters should be up today... Just gotta figure out how to edit >_>
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User Info: Tactician_Lord

5 years ago#74
Original voices in everything except CGI American cartoon movies...which, for some reason, actually have amazing dub in Spanish that is, most of the time, better than the English voices (This still baffles me as in other dubs in anime and movies you can notice that the original is superior). Everything else I see in it`s original language with English subtitles (sometimes even if what I`m seeing is already in English, as there are some actors that I can`t understand a thing they say).
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  2. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
  3. Do you prefer ENG or JPN voices when you play?

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