Who's the worst Sensei in Naruto?

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User Info: uchihaizuna

4 years ago#1
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I will say Minato. He cannot protect Obito from the boulder. And he cannot protect Rin from Anbu from Mist
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User Info: TheRocha

4 years ago#2
Hiruzen wasn't able to stop Oro when he found out about his experiments and that was a big mistake. But Kakashi fumbled big time with Sasuke, as I believe that he favored him over Naruto and still didn't manage to kee him away from Oro. Also he never took Naruto serious and apart from praising Sakura before the chunnin exams, he also did little to nothing to forward her growth as a ninja.

User Info: UltimaXOmega

4 years ago#3
Minato's failures got him and Kushina dead oh the irony.
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User Info: EJW

4 years ago#4
uchihaizuna posted...
I will say Minato. He cannot protect Obito from the boulder. And he cannot protect Rin from Anbu from Mist

He wasn't there when any of that stuff happened. He had his own business to take care of. You know, A and Killer Bee. And we still don't know why Kakashi did what he did.

User Info: DonkeyDood

4 years ago#5
I'm gonna say Gai here... Mainly because he mainly concentrates purely on Lee and it seems for most of the time, Neji and Tenten are pushed out. Neji has the natural Hyuuga ability and the power of the Byakugan plus his own resolve to become stronger and protect his friends and comrades which makes him strong. That is mostly nothing to do with Gai.

Tenten however hardly ever gets taught by Gai personally (from what has been shown) and appears to have a nearly non-existant friendship/relationship with her sensei, and because of that she's mainly useless. She's only good when she summons a million ninja tools from the scrolls but even then that doesn't do a lot to the enemy.

Gai concentrates purely on Lee, always trains with him and yes Lee is strong because of it, but a sensei should concentrate on all his students equally. And for that, I don't appreciate Gai as a sensei.
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User Info: HeartPirates

4 years ago#6

User Info: LeftoverLotion

4 years ago#7

The fan art fiend.

User Info: PrinceVege101

4 years ago#8
Guy, hands down.
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User Info: FinalCountDownn

4 years ago#9
Kurenai Was a newly appointed Jounin she was not ready to be a sensei.

She pretty much only focused On genjutsu her self making her a horrible choice for a teacher.
Hinata Is a hyuga and does not use Genjutsu.
Kiba Lacks the patience to Use it.
And Shino Clearly only uses his clans abilities.

Not her fault really. It was More Sarutobi's For selecting her as a sensei.

Asuma Clearly trained his Genin Look at Ino And Choiji In part 2.

Kakashi Was a horrible sensei.
He favoured sasuke and Still failed In Putting him On the right path. He Ignored Naruto and allowed him to get even dumber Crippling him as a ninja. He also Ignored Sakura making her useless In part 1. All that she Is In part 2 Is because of Tsunade and she clearly lacks the mental fortitude to be a front line fighter.

Minato was Ok But He was young and was one of the main trump cards In a war He just did not have enough time.

Hiruzen Is probaly the best sensei.
Man Taught 3 stundents who all became legendary and powerful.
Orochimaru was not his fault I mean he was around 40 when Hiruzen failed to stop him right? I dont think that at that age Hiruzen Is responsible for him.

Jiraiya Was a good sensei to minato but horrible with Naruto.
3 Years and all he learns Is how to stop Genjutsu?
At least he trained the AME Orphans correctly.

User Info: largerock

4 years ago#10
Minato = Bad Sensei?

My Heart is broken.....
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