Your personal top 10 shinobi tier list.

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User Info: __hiei__

4 years ago#31
if you're taking plot advantages like those into account you may as well say "oh but Obito is a villain so he's doomed to lose regardless"


User Info: Ryunipotent

4 years ago#32
1.Rikudou- No explanation needed.
2. Madara - Edo, or not he's still stronger than hashirama as he had a hidden agenda when fighting Hashirama. He wasn't trying to kill Hashirama only gain his power on top of that fight at the same time. If he was only trying to kill he would have given 100% Hashirama gave 100% and barely won. Hashirama can beat Madara also, but if both going all out instead of just Hashirama, then the fight is in Madara's favor. So logically if Madara had a single objective hed have won period.
3.Hashirama - He's third period.
4.Izuna - Probably could have beat Hashirama also had he gotten the EM. As he was very slightly weaker than Madara being his younger brother and all.
5.Obito - Trained by the second strongest Shinobi, is very smart, nothing more to say.
6.Itachi - A true genius If given enough time he could possibly find a way to beat if not severely maim the strongest of shinobi. Yea he's that smart, cunning, and calm under pressure apparently. I agree wholeheartedly. Plus trained by Obito on top of his superlative genius.
7.Shisui - known to have been stronger than Itachi during the inception of Itachi's plan, but is placed lower as Itachi lived longer, and gained more.
8.Tobirama - Very powerful, but not enough to stake a spot higher. Essentially Itachi's level of skill.
9.Nagato - He's only here considering his powers like most of sasuke's were given to him. He's under Shisui because Itachi "beat" him easily, and Shisui is close to Itachi's strength in which Itachi is stronger than Nagato, and could beat him especially if you take away Nagato's given powers.
10.Naruto - He is becoming quite the shinobi, his breakneck, careless, and rush-in attitude holds him back, but he's stil strong enough to make top 10. In time it's obvious he'll become the strongest Shinobi ever, which he is basically as he's Rikudou reborn. He's the Ryu of Naruto.

Pervy Sage
Minato - Kakashi
Shikamaru - Smart like Obito, Kakashi, and Itachi he deserves a spot. If he was an Uchiha, or had a beast he'd easily be in the top 10.
All next in line.
"When all is said and done, more is said than done" - Holtz, Lou
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