u awaken the sharigan in real life whats your next move?

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  3. u awaken the sharigan in real life whats your next move?

User Info: KizaruOfLight

5 years ago#31
kirusu posted...
does this include me having ninjutsu? i might just rob a bank

LOL, this dude. I hope you have Susano'o on constantly, because when they see you shooting freaky lazers from parts of your body, they ain't showing mercy. Bring in the tanks. I don't even think Kakuzu's iron skin would be enough.
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User Info: Aceinu

5 years ago#32
Lock0nStrat0s posted...
From: Aceinu | #023
Use the copying ability to copy the world's greatest BBall players and get in the NBA. Then I'll have the greatest NBA career of all time and dethrone Jordan as the best....

Why stop there? It wouldn't take long for you to become great with Sharingan. You could do baseball and never strike out! Hockey and never miss! Soccer and never miss! You'll be a rich mofo.

Basketball is my favorite sport and would be the easiest to make money and popularity off of. I'd have my own shoes,be on the cover of games, and be in commercials and stuff. I'd be the equivalent of Shaq,Jordan, and Lebron added together.
However I think playing four sports professionally,and at a high level, would come off as unrealistic and I'd tire my body out. But I'd definitely be considered the greatest athlete of all time.

Lock0nStrat0s posted...
Ever seen the moon landing?

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User Info: LittleDeathJr

5 years ago#33
1. Become the best chess player in the world.
2. Work for the army and tell them strategic ideas.
3. Become best video game player.
4. Win the lotto.
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User Info: TheSexySasuke

5 years ago#34
Cast a genjutsu on the world so that everyone gets laid and then go around the world and destroy every big boulder
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User Info: Shadow2Life

5 years ago#35
Big Brother is Watching You. [o]_[o]
"Life is tough. It's even tougher when your stupid."

User Info: MrcTOtheJ

5 years ago#36
Well since TC mentioned I saw Chakara...that means Charaka exists and Jutsu would be real.

So I'd go about learning as many as I can by reading/viewing Naruto, and reading about them, including medical ninjutsu, once I get my Sharingan High enough, I'll pull a Kakuzu and steal me some hearts, and go Tenticle monster, (imagine a Kakuzu with Sharingan super OP) then get Mankeykeo some how, and then go on living as long as I can ruling with an iron fist, riping out hearts and taking on leigions with a Susano'o.
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User Info: hunter_7289

5 years ago#37
Look in a mirror.
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User Info: l33t_iRk3n_Rm33

5 years ago#38
Think I'm dreaming, find out the hard way I'm not, and then totally freak out.
The key to being a genius, or just a good person in general, is to be stupid in moderation.

User Info: PyreSerpent

5 years ago#39
I would enjoy the sweet, sweet benefits of memorizing everything.
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User Info: vanguard29

5 years ago#40
first immortality, then the b****es. well, i wouldnt be immortal, but id get a lot of money using the sharigan, then the b****es.
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  3. u awaken the sharigan in real life whats your next move?

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