Madara Uchiha Scan! (Menma too)

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User Info: Shadows_Of_Fall

4 years ago#121
TheAlphaItachi posted...
all the reasons this is faker than Rinne tobi from gens scan:
1. we already have all costumes , and already had confirmation that there'd be NO guest characters , so menma was the point where the person didn't quit while they were ahead.
2. we already had confirmation that jutsu clashing would not be in.
3. EDO madara doesn't get his fan until he meets maskless obito , so theres no way he'd have it.
4. the character model looks as though they did madara's face wrong , his hairline just doesn't look right .
5. they definitely would've saved madara till the last week of february . now if this were a cloud ninja scan , a kage guard or edo kage scan , id be more inclined to believe it , but this screams fake .

TheAlphaItachi posted...
ohhhhhhh and another reason this is a hoax is simple .

pay attention to madara. he has rinnegan but he's not awakened ,
why is this important ?
because if this was a real madara scan he would have EMS , atleast unawakened . because if you remember , madara was summoned and he didn't activate his rinnegan for several chapters , CC2 wouldn't skip this , i'll give them THAT much credit . so yes this scan is fake. a good fake but fake nonetheless

I hate to agree with AlphaItachi but he makes great points here. While yes, CC2 may have listened to our feedback and gone back on their word to please fans, it just doesn't seem likely with Menma. There's just too much wrong with this scan to believe, even for a second, that CC2 changed some of their earliest decisions related to this game.

Madara's picture looks off, jis ougi or jutsu or whatever looks terrible, clash looks like a bad edit from an earlier game, Menma shouldn't be in according to CC2 and we already know what costumes there are so I find it very hard to believe they're announcing a non-preorder DLC costume this early. And above all of that, it should go: Swordsmen, Others (Chiyo, Kimimaro, King and Gin, other minor characters), Kage Aides, Kages, Itachi and Nagato, Madara, Itachi/Sasuke vs Kabuto as far as order of scans go.
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User Info: Yomonachi

4 years ago#122
Sierra-G719 posted...
Chapter 710... That looks familiar. It's the same chapter as the fake Rinnegan Tobi scan from a while back. Could be fake, but I can't say that it is, cuz for all we know this could be the actual chapter 710

That as well. 710 Again. No, not the movie. He would be too damn old. Anyways, has the same guy struck again with his lies and awkward shadows edits?
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User Info: SgtGalaxy

4 years ago#123
This scan is as fake as tsi's record

User Info: Sierra-G719

4 years ago#124
Not gonna lie, this guy's good. Had me fooled it was from an actual magazine, makes it less suspicious.

User Info: ichigohollowX

4 years ago#125
did anyone notice that the biju naruto scan said 710 as well?
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User Info: Yomonachi

4 years ago#126

1st in the State (Again), 13th in the Nation :) SEN: Soruichi_Kitty
How is one to judge someone if secrets shroud the living?

User Info: Ragiroth

4 years ago#127
What a ****ing kick in the balls. I don't know why people make this ****. GAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!
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User Info: RTs42

4 years ago#129
The scan is 100% fake oh well lol the guy who made it did a good job though

User Info: kollie89

4 years ago#130
Yomonachi posted...


except the first scan in this pic is real......
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