Ino got a New Ultimate/Jutsu

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User Info: UltimaXOmega

4 years ago#1
The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic-Joseph Stalin
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User Info: Yomonachi

4 years ago#3
UltimaXOmega posted...

So that's why she looked different in one of her screenshots
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User Info: Goten55

4 years ago#4
Yoshibirdofan will be pleased.
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User Info: sasukedude

4 years ago#5
New main for me confirmed.

User Info: KizaruOfLight

4 years ago#6
The last screenshot we saw of her UJ was the same as Gens. They must have changed it recently.

I don't have Gens so I can't check. The red bar is the UJ, correct? What was the name of her old UJ?

And maybe.... just maybe... they changed Tenten's crappy giant ball UJ! *fingers crossed*
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User Info: Jagd_Zaku

4 years ago#7
This could prove to be fun.

User Info: Saito6689

4 years ago#8
vashmoto posted...

Nein, nein, nein!
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User Info: Aceinu

4 years ago#9
sasukedude posted...
New main for me confirmed.

The kick UJ was what was holding you back from maining her?
Shikamaru lover all day err' day

User Info: Sierra-G719

4 years ago#10
Well, some good news
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