Itachi gave Naruto power? (Anime Spoilers)

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User Info: xGensingNinjax

4 years ago#1
ok the new episode where they fought each other than itachi broke out of the reanimation created by kabuto. the scene where Naruto choked up a crow and one of its eyes had a sharingan, what was the crows purpose? sorry but i dont get it and i watched it 3 times lol. can somebody summarize that scene for me?
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User Info: Desktopz

4 years ago#2
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User Info: Jerk_Beefy

4 years ago#3
They met when Itachi was still alive, and he was all, "Naruto, do you love my brother?" and Naruto was all, "More than you." So Itachi put this crow thing with Shisui's eye inside of Naruto in order to save his brother from the bad path.

The plan was that when it saw Itachi's Mangekyo Sharingan again (after they were transplanted into Sasuke), the crow would come out and hypnotize Sasuke into protecting the Leaf Village and result in a happy ending.

But Kabuto reanimated Itachi and his Mangekyo activated the crow for him instead. Uh oh!

User Info: Moe_Lester_13

4 years ago#4
What the hell. Itachi summed it up in the episode. Basically spelt it out really easily for us. In fact, I was under the impression they could have cut half of Itachi's lines out and that still would have been enough to explain it all.
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User Info: KizaruOfLight

4 years ago#5
He made him hold dat crow in his chest.
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User Info: shippuden21

4 years ago#6
itachi put crow in naruto mouth to hold eye he did that in case someone gets it. danzo had same eye he stole from itachi friend, the eye is strongest genjutsu.

User Info: hoagie727

4 years ago#7
It was supposed to be for when naturo fought Sasuke and it was supposed to Genjitsu Sasuke into protecting the village.

Itachi set it up to come out when Sasuke activated the best sharingan but it came out when Itachi activated it instead.

Which turned out good because they need Itachi to break the resurrection spell.
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  3. Itachi gave Naruto power? (Anime Spoilers)

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