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Whats your favorite naruto character?

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  3. Whats your favorite naruto character?

User Info: jovan28

4 years ago#61
What's Naruto? A Bleach?
Nothing Is Permitted...

User Info: addicting159

4 years ago#62
Beginning of shippuden sasuke and 1st hokage.
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User Info: Merc123

4 years ago#63
Lack of Lee disappoints me. - Marauder Shields Facebook page.

User Info: NaughtyGhost

4 years ago#64
Hey, Kizaru and any other Karui fans.
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User Info: MiKe345675

4 years ago#65

User Info: kid_gamer95

4 years ago#66
Official Torune & Kid Jiraiya of Storm 3 Board

User Info: Red__Raptor

4 years ago#67
Tenten :)
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User Info: Yggdrasille

4 years ago#68
Kurenai and Neji.
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User Info: Saito6689

4 years ago#69
Tenten and Kushina.
Bow down before Tenten the Great! PSN: Saito6689

User Info: KizaruOfLight

4 years ago#70
NaughtyGhost posted...
Hey, Kizaru and any other Karui fans.

You never disappoint, NG!
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"You were always a brother... Never an enemy."
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  3. Whats your favorite naruto character?

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