Create a moveset for Kushina

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User Info: seriouspancake

4 years ago#11
Okay Expect an Edo Itachi Moveset HD Remix! comming soon...
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User Info: TheSupremeOverl

4 years ago#12

this is my version of her moveset

User Info: I_caught_fire

4 years ago#13
Ougi (Kurama):

Kushina turns into a giant kush and gets smoked up by Kurama who turns who goes into a mellow haze, Minato appears and attacks.

Normal ougi:

She snatches everybodys weaves with her chains g0rl
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User Info: KizaruOfLight

4 years ago#14
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User Info: legendaryss4

4 years ago#15
seriouspancake posted...
Okay Expect an Edo Itachi Moveset HD Remix! comming soon...

Dodai, Atsui, Omoi, etc..
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