Best and worst English voices

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User Info: FinalCountDownn

4 years ago#51
slmcknett posted...
People don't like Sakura's voice? That's weird, I've never heard any complaints against her voice before.

Is it because they changed "shannaro" to "cha"?

Gotta agree.

She sounds like an Unlikable annoying useless Excuse of a ninja.

Totally Voice Is In character.

User Info: Yggdrasille

4 years ago#52
Best - Kurenai/ Mei Terumi

Worst - Choji
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User Info: vivi21

4 years ago#53
Sasukefire posted...
I've walked into a dangerous topic. TC, why did you do this?

Because I'm EVIL!!!!
If youtube gets taken down where will we put our rant videos about it?

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