Why Storm 1 had a better movepool than Storm 3 ....

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User Info: SEDyter

4 years ago#1
Is there anyone else put here who actually misses the storm 1 strong strike (hold 0) or the ground hit (0)? I mean I tryed to reason why they took it out in the first place. At first i thaught they needed disc space but can't believe small adds to a characters moveset are that big of a problem. It may be a small detail but at least it extends a characters movepool a little bit. (spammers wont need it since they only need grab/jutsu/ultimate jutsu).

Why do you think CC took it out? Or why they can't put it back in. Guess no one else cares so they don't send feedback about it too CC.

User Info: TheEpyon

4 years ago#2
Hold O is team attack now.
There are two Mobile Suits that could turn humans into the Ultimate Weapon, the Wing Zero, & The Epyon.

User Info: isaacwa95

4 years ago#3
Because it was useless and you would be lucky to even be able to hit anyone. In later storm games, there are more than 25 characters so it's going to become more of a chore to incorporate 50- 80 different punches that have the same animation following.

User Info: SEDyter

4 years ago#4
@ isaacwa95

Your right on the animation part but to hit aint so difficult as you think it is. Think about guard breaks. It happens a lot so why not using it?

User Info: Herugrim

4 years ago#5
They removed the charged strikes because the main purpose of those moves was to knock your opponent onto the wall for a segment of wall combat, which was also removed.

Out of all the features removed, the wall combat and charged strikes served the least purpose, which is to say none at all. Jutsu clashes never occured (even on the lowest AI setting, the CPU isn't stupid enough to counter a jutsu with another jutsu when it can just ninja dash to avoid).

Intros and the extended ultimates were removed to cut back on online lag. The minigames were removed from ultimates because they were made much shorter (thank God, it's hard enough to land an ultimate, stupid to throw in a minigame that you must win). Selectable awakenings were removed for balance issues.

And before some smartass comes in with "Yarg! Instant Awakenings! Blargmagarg!" Instant Awakenings do less damage, move much slower, and are temporary. Selectable Awakenings were permanent and overpowered.

The new substitution system is far more useful than the old. Turbo controllers be damned. The ring-out system, well, I suppose that's to cut down on ranged fighters? Gives them less room to dodge in? I don't know.
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  3. Why Storm 1 had a better movepool than Storm 3 ....

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