Naruto Vs. Sauske is as to....

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User Info: TheGuyWhoKnows7

4 years ago#11
Darkraior99 posted...
The Doctor vs. The Master

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User Info: erik2324

4 years ago#12
deidara21 posted...
I think you mean Naruto X Sasuke as to Hiei X Kurama or Zabuza X Haku or the famous Orochimaru X every little boy


User Info: technogeek29

4 years ago#13
SuperVegito2487 posted...
K_J_2021 posted...
seriouspancake posted...
goku vs vegeta?

mother fuc...., you beat me to it.

considering kishi is a dbz fan himself this is most likely the most correct one.

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User Info: TheEpyon

4 years ago#14
Gunnerary Sargent Hartman vs Gomer Pyle
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User Info: Sasukefire

4 years ago#15
Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin

Hell no. Once Sasuke has a drug addicted child who later takes up his mantle we'll talk.
Also Sasuke is no where near as good as Goblin. Norman banged Gwen Stacy, she had his kids which grew fast thanks to the Goblin folder, orchestrated events which had it so she accidentally had her neck snapped by Parker's webbing.

He also pretended to be dead for like 20 FREAKING YEARS in real time. He turned out to be the one who manipulated the events for the Second Clone Saga. Peter Parker temporarily thought he was a clone. Norman killed Peter's clone, Ben Reily. MJ has a miscarrage(maybe).

Until Sasuke hurts Naruto with that level of manipulation that's not even in the same damn league, boy. In fact, other parts of this list just plain suck too.
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User Info: HystericalGamez

4 years ago#16
hunter_7289 posted...
Sauceke Vs. Naruto

User Info: AlexSobecki

4 years ago#17
Naruto and Sasuke always reminds me of Lelouch and Suzaku from Code Geass.

-Friends in beginning of series
-Turn occurs that separates them to opposite sides
-Reluctant team-up that eventually develops into friendship again.

Though Naruto has yet to have the 3rd phase yet (It's coming though, once Sasuke gets his answer)
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User Info: chaoshadou

4 years ago#18
TheGuyWhoKnows7 posted...
shadowtrial posted...
I don't think that's correct.

What's not correct my friend? I know some of the names I've put up have multiple arch nemsises like Superman,Batman, and Spider-Man but that's just what I thought of off the top of my head

Those rivalries have depth and are dynamic, not to mention far more interesting overall. Naruto vs Sasuke isn't on the same level.
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User Info: Darkneji

4 years ago#19
Kazuma vs Ryuho

In case no one else knows them.
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User Info: heyitsthatguy11

4 years ago#20
Train vs Creed?
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