What are you playing until 3/5/13?

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  3. What are you playing until 3/5/13?

User Info: HidanFTW

4 years ago#31
Storm 2 the entire story mode again (my save data was erased) hoping to finish then quickly move on to generations right before 3's release just to recap what happened
Official Hidan of the Naruto Ultimate Nina Storm 3 Board

User Info: Phazon_Chaos

4 years ago#32
Fire Emblem Awakening and (as of today), Metal Gear Rising.

User Info: Sierra-G719

4 years ago#33
Skyrim, Storm 3 Demo, Storm Generations Free Battle. The usual.
Official Darui of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Board

User Info: DeadlyMedley

4 years ago#34

User Info: ravenc

4 years ago#35
Xenogears and Parasite Eve
Xbox 360 GT: Raven the Last

User Info: UltimaXOmega

4 years ago#36
Battlefield 3 because Call of Duty is s*** lol.
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Official God of the Uchiha the legendary Madara Uchiha of the UNS3 boards

User Info: reptyle101

4 years ago#37
it's the 8th for me.

Binding of Isaac and Skyrim (PC) at the moment though I'm getting DW7 Empires on Friday.
Chase the morning
Yield for nothing

User Info: wombatprophet

4 years ago#38
Guild Wars 2 and UMVC3

User Info: Warloard7

4 years ago#39

That game has a special place in my heart ill take a break for naruto but I always come back
Don't pretend you're sad, why tremble with anger, thats not even there. Face it, Cloud. All you are is an empty puppet. -Sephiroth

User Info: yomax

4 years ago#40
Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires
ps.: sorry for the bad english (not my 1st language)
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  3. What are you playing until 3/5/13?

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