what was revealed today?

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User Info: Bar_bar13

4 years ago#11
MrcTOtheJ posted...
Le_Derpstick posted...
MrcTOtheJ posted...
Well PTS charictars were announced.

To be exact.

PTS Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Lee, Neji and Gaara.

No need to troll, or if not trolling, no need to spread misinformation.
There was an unconfirmed screenshot showing them, they were not announced.

Hence the reason I edited my post, just to see you ninja me.

what does ninja‘d mean?
"May the odds be ever in your favour

User Info: moup94

4 years ago#12
MrcTOtheJ posted...
Well PTS charictars were announced. Well not so much announced as unconfirmed and up in the air, there's evidence and arguements that point that the screen may be real or fake.

To be exact.

PTS Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Lee, Neji and Gaara.

You make PTS Hinata cry :'(

User Info: Kingscorpiop93

4 years ago#13
Le_Derpstick posted...
Fidchel posted...
Ok thanks do ylu have a link? And yes it is based off of. Hack im a big fan of that series it is one of my favs of all time


And you have good taste in games. I love .hack too. Just replayed G.U. in the last two weeks, actually.

I had the last .hack gu game best game ever until my memory card broke and I got discouraged to start over because I did all of that work only have to redo it.
--- We are born of nothing and so shall we return...Darkness begets light and light begets darkness.
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User Info: Hyourinmaru2013

4 years ago#14
Fake or not.... Where is the slot for Mu? There is one rock symbol missing if u guys look at the Screen shot, there is one in bottom that is obviously Tsukikage (Onoki) and 2 other rock symbols beside each other around the middle right of the select screen. (probably ment for Han and Roshi) so where would Mu go cuz I can't quite figure out all their positions yet due to this and the top 4 slots with shaningan symbals still have me puzzled cuz idk if it will be Mifune up there with a few others or if it is for the kages edo.


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