I'm fine with pts but why Sakura?

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  3. I'm fine with pts but why Sakura?

User Info: Mystickay86

4 years ago#11
**credits Acer7**

Fan made up this potential story mode(Chronological history thingy)

Land of the Waves Arc:

Naruto & Sasuke & Sakura vs Kakashi
Naruto & Sasuke vs Haku
Kakashi vs Zabuza

Chuunin Exam Arc:

Sasuke & Naruto vs Orochimaru
Hinata vs Neji
Lee vs Gaara
Naruto vs Neji
Sasuke vs Gaara

Invasion of Konohagakure Arc:

Naruto & Sasuke vs Gaara
Hiruzen vs Orochimaru & Hashirama & Tobirama

Search for Tsunade Arc:

Sasuke vs Itachi
Naruto vs Kabuto
Tsunade & Jiraya vs Orochimaru

Sasuke Rescue Arc:

Naruto vs Kimimaro
Gaara & Lee vs Kimimaro
Naruto vs Sasuke
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User Info: Goten55

4 years ago#12
My blind Sakura hate senses woke me up.
Nymph Month!
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User Info: FinalCountDownn

4 years ago#13
TheEpyon posted...
Wasted slot, if rather have Kiba.

Wasted Slot On naruto to.


But really why Is PTS Sakura In?

What exactly did she do In part 1?

Nothing an Utter useless character.

At least hinata put up a fight againts Neji who Was a genius.
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  3. I'm fine with pts but why Sakura?

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