What are your favorite Naruto lines?

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  3. What are your favorite Naruto lines?

User Info: GigantLuffy

4 years ago#1
My favorite line is when Itachi said "Hmph" for the first time.
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User Info: legendX66

4 years ago#2
Sorry i'm late. I got lost on the road of life.
legendX66-Ten Tails H4X and Troll H4X Sexy secretary of Haxem Rangers
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User Info: Phazon_Chaos

4 years ago#3
Believe it!

User Info: Sasukefire

4 years ago#4
Give up trying to make me give up!
Gohan: He took my greatest accomplishment. I took his daughter's virginity.

User Info: heyitsthatguy11

4 years ago#5
I used to be a ninja like you. Then I took a kunai to the knee.
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User Info: Darksta

4 years ago#6
"Pains Chakra...inside of me!" - Naruto
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User Info: KizaruOfLight

4 years ago#7
Naruto: "Sasuke, if you and I fight... we will both die."
Sasuke: "Fine. I'll just have to kill you first."

Best exchange in the series.
"If you will not listen to reason, then listen to my fists!"
"You were always a brother... Never an enemy."

User Info: TheSupremeOverl

4 years ago#8
Phazon_Chaos posted...
Believe it!

"i don't believe it"

User Info: Shadow2Life

4 years ago#9
"I have long since closed my eyes... My only goal is in the darkness." - Sasuke
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User Info: BreakerDoorMan

4 years ago#10
Taka Sasuke: Never show me your face again.
'Fraid so, broseph.
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  3. What are your favorite Naruto lines?

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