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User Info: phoenix--27

4 years ago#1
Sorry if its old but there is a survival mode in free battle but you have to unlock it via side mission
psn: phoenix-alp

User Info: TheKyuubi00

4 years ago#2
I wonder if there are other side missions that would unlock things? Watch there be some side mission that unlocks the edo kages. Oh lord

User Info: phoenix--27

4 years ago#3
sadly i dont think so because i did almost every thing in story mode :(
psn: phoenix-alp

User Info: The_Milk_Man13

4 years ago#4
Can we get a screenshot to confirm this? This is the first topic in the board saying this, so it'd be nice to have visual confirmation.
It's as though I know every combo in the video game but they keep pressing the A button!

User Info: phoenix--27

4 years ago#5
here u go
psn: phoenix-alp

User Info: RedRoover

4 years ago#6
Well there goes one of the complaints.
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User Info: legendX66

4 years ago#7
A fine example of why people should wait until it's out to whine. A large number of the complainers are now about to make fools of themselves.
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User Info: ShakaV

4 years ago#8
Good to see this back, even if I did not play it much due to the absurd number of characters yo needed to face at the higher levels. I always wanted to be able to customize your own survival matches.

Which side mission do you unlock this on? It would be good to know for future reference.

User Info: phoenix--27

4 years ago#9
it was one of the latest missions for me where inoichi and choza tell u about village tournaments after 4 village tournament there will be a 5th secret tournament and youre done
psn: phoenix-alp

User Info: LeftoverLotion

4 years ago#10


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