DLC Costume Code

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User Info: Jason1423

4 years ago#1
I'm a Shonen Jump subscriber and got the following PS3 code, but I got impatient and signed up for the Neon Alley trial and got a code there. So anyways, here's a free code up for grabs. First one to plug it in gets it!


User Info: HaLLuZiNaTiOnZs

4 years ago#2
God damn. If only I was at home.

Stupid work...
I'm sleepy.

User Info: Adamant_Shadow

4 years ago#3
Now if only this thread was up an hour ago...

User Info: Takumi91

4 years ago#4
I want to know if you can use them online.
Atleast if you can see them yourself.

User Info: Orange9

4 years ago#5
it was gone in 10 minutes
i don't necesaraly want to be fuzzy
i wanna ryd!!
(message deleted)

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