S-rank video for Final battle

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User Info: Tetsamaru

4 years ago#1
Noticed some people were having problems S-ranking the battle. So here's some video reference.
Tips and Video reference on how to S-rank the Final Battle since I've seen that some people are having problems with it.


1.Legend and Hero doens't matter much, it only affects the 1st battle with the Jinchuuriki's while they are in human form.
2.2 tails first, don't forget to utilize Bee. Use Naruto's Up combo as his Giant Rasengan stuns the Bijuu allowing you to chain combos over and over again.
3.When you see the 3 tails charging up, start running or block out his Roll.
4.Fuuma Shurikens beat out the Bijuu blast.
5.Fight Madara like normal, there isn't really anything else to say.
6.Go for 5 tails first, the 6 tails has such poor range.
7.Fight Madara again as usual
8. Aimed for 4 tails first, and then finally take on 7 tails. Just spam Fuuma Shuriken and then keep using Bee to punch him out. Don't bother with close range combot for 7 tails.
9. When in full Kyuubi mode just concentrate on using Bijuu bombs. Melee isn't worth it if you are aiming to keep your HP up for the special condition. throw in some regular Projectiles to keep the other Bijuus away from you.
10.Fight Madara yet again on the final battle. During the final battle you can finally use items again. Don't forget that even though you are not in perma awakening mode, you can actually still go into Kyuubi mode. It's just more like a regular fight at this point. Go and smash out stupid Obito.
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User Info: tactikz4

4 years ago#2
Nice dude, really helped:)
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User Info: ssj954vegito

4 years ago#3
I just wanna say, normal shuriken completely stun the Biju when they aren't dashing away.
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User Info: Lock0nStrat0s

4 years ago#4
How do i get the seven ninja swordsmen hero S rank? I keep getting A ranks.
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