which character(s) do you enjoy beating?

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  3. which character(s) do you enjoy beating?

User Info: TheCAWWItachi

4 years ago#1
For me it's kiba, that double dash is annoying but everytime I beat a kiba a smile a little
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User Info: CirOnn

4 years ago#2

User Info: lurking222

4 years ago#3
any Uchiha

User Info: UltimaXOmega

4 years ago#4
The 3 OP characters.
Kiba,Hanzo and Neji.
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User Info: Saito6689

4 years ago#5
All of them as long as they are a higher tier than Tenten.
Tenten the last metalbender, master of all elements.

User Info: KizaruOfLight

4 years ago#6
Anyone because every win with Tenten is rewarding!
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User Info: RandyTheViper

4 years ago#7

if you know what I mean...
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User Info: Sierra-G719

4 years ago#8
Darui. Putting the posers in their place.
Official Darui of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Board

User Info: DutchKraken

4 years ago#9
Kiba and Masked Man, considering I found those to be the most challenging in the entire bunch.

Any mirror match, considering that means my version is better then my opponent.

Deidara, Storm 2 he was insane, now he's just a walk in the park for me unless I wasn't paying attention or the guy is just that good, yet some Storm 2 people still rely on him :).

Although I would have to be real that if somebody uses Masked Man/Kiba, next time after that I use Kiba xD. So the enjoyment goes away a little bit then because I then use an equal character to theirs.

But for me it's mirror matches because of above reason.

User Info: Llawliet25

4 years ago#10
EMS Sauce, and anyone with Edo Itachi, Kimimaro, Sage naruto, Neji as supports.
Official Utakata of the Naruto Storm 3 Board
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  2. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
  3. which character(s) do you enjoy beating?

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