Name the character you think most is a waste of a slot

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  3. Name the character you think most is a waste of a slot

User Info: KingofDeceit666

4 years ago#21
Llawliet25 posted...
ITT: people think multi-slot characters are whats preventing their beloved EdoKages and Edo7Fodders from being playable

ITP: Reading is so hard.
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User Info: gamegod13

4 years ago#22
****ing Kakashi. Which Kakashi? I couldn't ****ing tell you because the game doesn't tell you which one is the one with the non-**** awakening.


Seriously though, they need to get rid of the Kakashi that doesn't have the good awakening, or at least tell you which one is which.

The extra gaara, and samehada bee as well, better yet, just get rid of bee altogether.
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User Info: GodlessChaos

4 years ago#23
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User Info: DaimaoTakahashi

4 years ago#24
The characters with the double slots
PTS Characters

User Info: Kaguya_Kimimaro

4 years ago#25
War Chouji.
War Gaara.
Samehada Bee.
PTS Characters.

Mostly them IMO, ESPECIALLY the Double-Slot characters and Karin........Not hating on Karin just saying.
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User Info: Ichipoo

4 years ago#26
To the people who said Karin, stay mad. ;)
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User Info: SgtGalaxy

4 years ago#27
Every pts character
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User Info: Sasukefire

4 years ago#28
Karin. She never even fought. It makes better sense for her to be support. Also, do we still need Naruto's first two forms with his NTR(lol neotare) and Rasenshuriken? We're long past that point.

Don't need CTS/Kirin, and sadly, Taka Sasuke either.
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User Info: Talic0201

4 years ago#29
Sai. He sucks.
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User Info: Yggdrasille

4 years ago#30
Definitely Karin. They should have swapped her with Kurotsuchi and made her a support-only character instead.
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  3. Name the character you think most is a waste of a slot

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