Name the character you think most is a waste of a slot

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User Info: AMP1317

4 years ago#32
Talic0201 posted...
Sai. He sucks.

He's one of the few characters who can NMC into an Ouigi.

Also, it seems like people are saying characters they don't like... Not one's who are actually wasting a character slot. The double characters should all be one slot, with costume changes.
Also, take out the PTS characters + Obito and Young Kakashi. They didn't really need to be there.

Everyone else should stay. Even Karin. I like using Karin, but she's there to complete Taka.
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User Info: kewldude475

4 years ago#33
War Choji.
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User Info: Shingami_X

4 years ago#34
Edo Itachi, cause other characters have one slot, and you can press I think the button R1 just to choose their Reanimated version, why is Edo Itachi the only one standing out? Smh, waste of slot, they could had put Edo Itachi on the same slot as Itachi.
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User Info: laskal

4 years ago#35
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User Info: ItamaSenju

4 years ago#36

stop breaking my sheilt

User Info: Desktopz

4 years ago#37
Shikamaru Vest and War Shikamaru
Sarcasm Imminent

User Info: sasukedude

4 years ago#38
Sasukefire posted...
Karin. She never even fought. It makes better sense for her to be support. Also, do we still need Naruto's first two forms with his NTR(lol neotare) and Rasenshuriken? We're long past that point.

Don't need CTS/Kirin, and sadly, Taka Sasuke either.

It's true they should not have been included, nobody even uses them. But even if they were taken out people would then complain about that.

User Info: axlman12934

4 years ago#39
UltimaXOmega posted...

D: I cry...
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User Info: Anhell310

4 years ago#40
Stop whit Sd hate topics
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  3. Name the character you think most is a waste of a slot

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