Which Naruto Character...

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User Info: Desktopz

4 years ago#41
^You two just love each other.

And Seathe the Scaleless would own everyone in his tower's deathtrap.
Curse GG.
Sarcasm Imminent

User Info: Yomonachi

4 years ago#42
LeftoverLotion posted...
http://i.minus.com/i7JSngP4lYtwz.png >>>>

>>>>>Ws/Ls: 2-0<<<<<<<<

This alt is just too much for you overly sensitive regulars. http://i.minus.com/ibm6BMEI4x8gqi.gif

Hmm, what was your first then?
1st in the State (Again), 13th in the Nation :) SEN: Soruichi_Kitty
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User Info: Gobstoppers12

4 years ago#43
Hashirama forms himself a wooden cast for his broken leg and then uses it as a weapon.
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User Info: LeftoverLotion

4 years ago#44
sasukedude posted...
LeftoverLotion posted...
MH/DD masta blasta race >

Hell yeah, Monster Hunter is da s***.


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