Character your personality relates to?

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User Info: sasukedude

4 years ago#11
Darui and Kakashi

User Info: Psyant

4 years ago#12
Shikamaru, definitely. Only I'm not blessed with his godly intelligence.

What I mean to say is that I'm lazy.

User Info: Akatsuki-Sensei

4 years ago#13
The Magatsu Goddess. Stelar-chan, I love you X3. Janne, I'm yours. Giro, u mad, bro? -PSN: Amaterasu04

User Info: Llawliet25

4 years ago#14
Shikamaru, Utakata and Choji
Official Utakata of the Naruto Storm 3 Board

User Info: carlosgmsousa

4 years ago#15
Hiruzen Sarutobi. Mostly because of his knowledge of all Jutsu in Konoha. I'm really good at memorizing stuff too.

User Info: heyitsthatguy11

4 years ago#16
Metapod and Slaking... Oh wait this isn't Pokemon...
Rebecca Emily Hollcraft (BECCA) is amazing.
Apparently, I'm "naive" and "cynical". This ISNT possible, people.

User Info: TheGuyWhoKnows7

4 years ago#17
I took a personality quiz and got Kakashi so I guess a little of him plus

Naruto-because I have an ultimate dream I want to achieve.I never will give up!

Itachi- because I love my little brother.(I wouldn't go as far as Itachi did, I would find another way because.....

I'm mainly like Shikamaru- Despite high aspirations, I'm extremely intelligent but also lazy(I'm working on it, I've gotten better at not being lazy over the years).
PSN: WhiteHispanic17
Ada Wong=The Best Female Fatale in gaming

User Info: Chojuro7Sword

4 years ago#18

User Info: RandyTheViper

4 years ago#19
Shikamaru and Darui, for the most part. I can be like Madara sometimes, too...
GT: MadaraTheViper1

User Info: Bakunetsumaru

4 years ago#20
Probably Rock Lee. Hard work and effort can get you places
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  3. Character your personality relates to?

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