Character your personality relates to?

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  3. Character your personality relates to?

User Info: Ownagepuffs

4 years ago#21
Neji and Shikamaru.

User Info: Knowyourplace

4 years ago#22
orochimaru, i like being a sadist and masochist and having some female features

User Info: technogeek29

4 years ago#23
Rock Lee & killer Bee lol
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User Info: laskal

4 years ago#24
Mix of Chouji, Jiraya and Shikamaru.
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User Info: Yggdrasille

4 years ago#25
Something between Danzo, Neji, and Gaara.
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User Info: Cpt_Human

4 years ago#26
Im Naruto because im gay.

User Info: Lethal_BathTub

4 years ago#27
None, Naruto characters are bland with no personality whatsoever. If you consider yourself a decent human being, don't compare yourself to such atrocious monsters. (I have nothing against the tailed beasts)

It's outright lame.
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User Info: Saito6689

4 years ago#28
Yall Shikamarus.
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User Info: seriouspancake

4 years ago#29
tobi and hidan

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User Info: SEDyter

4 years ago#30
Whenever i do a Naruto personality Quiz they always say i'm either Hinata of Sasuke lol. I can find myself lill bit in Hinata since i'm kinda shy but Sasuke?? Since when did i become an avengefull bastard??
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  3. Character your personality relates to?

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