So about the manga (*spoilers)

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User Info: Bakunetsumaru

4 years ago#11
uchihaizuna posted...
Bakunetsumaru posted...
No Naruto next week

And then in the next week again we'll get two chapter? :/

Most likely not. They call it a double issue, but it's only one chapter. I could be wrong, but that's what's been happening the last few years so I'm assuming it will be the same this year

User Info: uchihaizuna

4 years ago#12
^okay then.. Thanks for the information. You too Wolf! :D

User Info: olmansilverpant

4 years ago#13
I mean with that EPIC last issue it really does seem like the perfect time to do it.


I called this months ago. Me and my friends even made a joke out of it. Sasuke " Release the Krak- I mean Hokages!"
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