Which Sasuke to add to my roster?

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User Info: ninthbelief

4 years ago#1
I really like Sasuke as a character both plotwise and gameplay-wise, but I'm having a hard time nailing down which Sasuke I want to "main" between all of them.

1. PTS Sasuke (black outfit) is pretty cool and is one of 2 Sasuke's that doesn't have a cheese awakening (or the only one, if Taka Sasuke's amaterasu is cheese in your book). He also has an exceptionally unique if not hard to use jutsu (backpedal into Chidori). I'm not exactly sure what his awakening does other than the standard attack boost, but hey, that's cool in my book.

2. Kirin Sasuke's ultimate is by far my favorite, and not just because of how easy it is to land -- it's marginally the coolest in my book, particularly after how it was introduced in one of the earlier games in the fight with Itachi. The manga/anime version was okay, but I really love how it's portrayed in game. He's also got Goukakyuu as his jutsu (which can changed into an unblockable version if you charge it) which is my favorite jutsu for how straight-forward and quick it is across all of the Uchihas. In addition, nothing feels better than landing a hit with Konan support into a Kirin.

3. Taka Sasuke's outfit is liquid sweet awesome as I love the Akatsuki in general and it's got a sword AND it's Sasuke, plus his ultimate is pretty cool if not a tad bland for an ultimate. His jutsu is cinematic charged or not and he does a sorta "teleport" when you use the charged version, which is pretty sexy. I love the art for his secret factor too. I have trouble landing his ult, though, so if you like this version of Sasuke leave me a tip!

4. Kage Summit Sasuke is by far the fastest Sasuke and that matches up a lot with the kinda gameplay I love from another favorite character, Lee. He also incorporates Susano'o into some of his combos/his guard, which I LOVE. Did I mention his sidestep uses body flickering? Yeah, sexy. His secret factor is also my favorite art from literally anything ever, although the quote doesn't even remotely fit.

5. EMS Sasuke's neutral/tilt are so, so, SO attractive, especially because I love yangire/yandere characters, and I absolutely love the crow mask his susano'o has. However, he LOSES the body flicker from his sidestep, and he's much slower than KS Sasuke. Plus, everytime ANYONE (myself included) see's an EMS sasuke online, I know I personally can't help but think "oh boy, here we go", and I don't want to be looked at in that light.

Or, super TLDR:

I like Kirin Sasuke's ultimate

I like Taka Sasuke's outfit

I like KS Sasuke's speed

I like EMS Sasuke's tilt/neutral

wat do

User Info: KizaruOfLight

4 years ago#2
Use Karin.
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User Info: Junta_Jast

4 years ago#3
Black Suit Sauce is my recommendation, but that's only because he is one of my favorite versions.

User Info: PIatinum

4 years ago#4
Why not just main all of them?
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User Info: ninthbelief

4 years ago#5
KizaruOfLight posted...
Use Karin.

I like Karin a lot more than Tenten, so I appreciate the edit. If I was gonna main a waifu-tyep though, I'd pick Konan

PIatinum posted...
Why not just main all of them?

That's basically what I've been doing, I still am curious as to what the general consensus on the sauce is though.

User Info: danielv123

4 years ago#6
What's wromg with ems sasuke? I really like his grab and combo especially the neutral one! And his grab!
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User Info: Lockon

4 years ago#7
From: danielv123 | #006
What's wromg with ems sasuke? I really like his grab and combo especially the neutral one! And his grab!

Hes slow.
In the end..All will bow to Tenten The Great
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User Info: TheKyuubi00

4 years ago#8
Why do you care what people think if you use EMS Sasuke? If you like him just use him. Although I will say this. Not being able to sub out of his awakening combo is garbage.
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User Info: Harypoonmonster

4 years ago#9
The only sasuke I use is taka. The others feel dry to me.
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User Info: EscapingSafety

4 years ago#10
What about Chidori True Spear Sasuke? Kirin is awesome, don't get me wrong, but...

After you come back from your CS2 awakening mode....
Shirtless Sasuke ;) yeah, sexy. Lol but all the sasukes are fun to play as imo
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