My game freezes

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User Info: Geassu

4 years ago#1

Good job CC2!

User Info: Gobstoppers12

4 years ago#2
UNS3 has never frozen for me. I actually bought Skyrim last week (a little late to the party) and it has frozen three times already.
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User Info: Geassu

4 years ago#4
laskal posted...
You are aware that this is most likely a defect on your particular copy? Something that isn't CC2 fault, but a accident during manufacturing. Which means you can replace your copy? But I guess using your brain is hard, especially when it's so small, but blaming CC2 is easy and popular.

Well, maybe it's not CC2's fault but I'm not he only one who have this problem, a friend of mine has too and other guy who posted on the video said the same thing.

So, yeah we are 3 persons who has a small brain lmao

User Info: Shinobiwolf3

4 years ago#5
My game froze twice... Does that mean I have a small brain too?
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User Info: goodlyoak

4 years ago#6
My game froze on me too along with three of my psn friends while we were playing endless.

User Info: laskal

4 years ago#7
Hm, NOW this is turning into statistics.
Well, never happened to me, but in some cases it's not really a pattern. Game is a software. No Software is 100% crash free. I had Red Dead Redemption black screen freeze on me for example. It's just a thing that can happen. Now, if it happens with any regularity, than it's a reason for concerns.
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User Info: shogunreaper

4 years ago#8
I've never had it game freeze on me, likely its your copy thats messed up.

Take it back and get a replacement.

User Info: SymbioticHawkDz

4 years ago#9
Yea, it use to happen to me after picking a stage in ranked match, I would get a black screen (froze) and would have to either quit game or turn off the system. Leaving me with a disconnection frequency that could never disappear -_-
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