Good supports for war tobi

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User Info: Alcinking

4 years ago#1
and plz don't say the neji/kimmy combination


4 years ago#2
neji and kimmy
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User Info: Vector71

4 years ago#3
Lee & Hinata :P

User Info: demonicvirus

4 years ago#4
kimmy and neji!
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User Info: RandyTheViper

4 years ago#5
War Naruto (Forms the team "Crash"); EMS Sasuke (Forms the team "Truth of the Uchiha"); you can also use any 2 characters who have the Sharingan, to form the team "Sharingan".
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User Info: Rip4D

4 years ago#6
I just use Sasuke guard support.

User Info: TheEpyon

4 years ago#7
Too bad you can't choose Kimi twice.
There are two Mobile Suits that could turn humans into the Ultimate Weapon, the Wing Zero, & The Epyon.

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