Favourite character combos?

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User Info: TheLastZwei

3 years ago#11
All of TS Sakura's combos. Her down combo is my favorite by far because it knocks you in the air and can be chained with her Blossom attack of times correctly and fast enough. Her neutral because I like to start up ninja move and then tilt using Chiyo if someone subs. Her up combo is good because it can set someone up with an explosive tag. Her ninjutsu has good range if spaced properly. And her Shanaro animation is cool.
And at the end of the day, the day just ends.

User Info: feared4power

3 years ago#12
temari's punch combo

User Info: TheLastZwei

3 years ago#13
feared4power posted...
temari's punch combo

And at the end of the day, the day just ends.

User Info: Exo_Icarus

3 years ago#14
Raikage neutral combo. Spin 'em right round then toss 'em!

Sakura neutral combo. Shannaro falcon punch!

Ino neutral combo. That last roundhouse back heel to the face is sexy. Sadly she doesn't do the spinning bird kick anymore like she did in S2 and Generations.

All of chakra mode Naruto's combos. Love the sound it makes each time he lands a hit. So explosive

User Info: iHugTreez

3 years ago#15
No love for Asuma & Killer Bee without Samedada? :(
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