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User Info: Sierra-G719

3 years ago#41
zorax_power posted...
Sierra-G719 posted...
zorax_power posted...
Sierra swings that way? He has fantasies of me touching him? Disgusting.

Lol that just proved your pervertedness. "There" could've referred to anywhere, but no. You inferred to that certain location. Lol.

Get bodied with logic.

How did you know I was talking about that location? But sadly, I have fantasies of touching Masked Man.

I do not know which is worse... Me thinking I was smooth or you bodying me. You got me, Sierra, you're a god among men. I need to stay peppery.

Lol it's k Zorax. We all know how much you want to body and touch Masked Man all night long.
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User Info: zorax_power

3 years ago#42
^ What a lame comeback. You bore me.
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User Info: Sierra-G719

3 years ago#43
zorax_power posted...
^ What an awesome comeback. I'm such a scrub

Ah you're right. You're right.
This is my sig. There are many others like this, but this one is mine.

User Info: MEGAze

3 years ago#44
zorax_power posted...
^ What a lame comeback. You bore me.


User Info: HidanFTW

3 years ago#45
Natsuki_Chan posted...
HidanFTW posted...
KizaruOfLight posted...
Good, now trade the disc into GameStop.

lol no, i like playing it, i just would like to have an honest match without the bumrush so to speak

i'm not saying i'm the best player or a hardcore player, i just like playing it because it's fun. i know i may lose more than i'd like to but i'm just playing for fun

Try playing the tournament's. sometimes you find some nice people in there. though, some of the time you got the tournament hosts who are D***s and like to pick the weakest off first....or put you up against characters you really suck the most agaist. .....F**kato.....but otherwise you have more of a chance of finding a fun match in tournament mode than in rank. Thats what I do.

oh yeah!! alright, i forgot about the tournament mode. hopefully i'll find some good people in there ^.^
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User Info: Canuckian3k

3 years ago#46
I just started playing online last night...Is the game really laggy all the time, or is it just me? >__>

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